It isn’t a myth, or a fantasy, nor is it some slight of hand performed by the likes of stage magicians. Magic is real and so are the creatures that rely on its existence.

Magic is a force that underlines all things in and of the world. Its is a natural energy of the living planet much as is magnetism and electricity. Humankind as a whole has forgotten the existence of this ancient power source and with it the primeval races that owe their continued existence to keeping it that way.

The Veil that hides the presence of the primeval from humankind is failing. Something is happening to the magic imbuing it, weakening it, causing it to fail little by little, allowing humankind to once more see the monsters walking among them. Forces have been set in motion which will either lead to a strengthening of the Veil or its total collapse.

It is only a matter of time before the Veil falls, then all will stand revealed. Magic exists. Here there be monsters.

Welcome to In Plain Sight.

In Plain Sight