A Tolkienesque View of History

Many consider the works of J.R.R Tolkien to be the pinnacle of high fantasy fiction, but fewer still know or consider him to be the oldest of historians.

What few people realize about the tales told by Tolkien is that they aren’t fiction – they’re true. Everything that occurred between the Hobbit and the Silmarillion; including the War of the One Ring – actually happened. His works detail the time period between the Dawn of Faery and the Dominion of Man.

Tolkien wasn’t just a mage reaching back through history with magic to view events of the past – a task said to be impossible by modern mages – he actually lived through them and witnessed the events of that long ago age. None alive today know if Tolkien was a full-blooded faery or if he was just a first or second generation elf. Some rumors persist that Tolkien was neither faery nor elf, but the eldest of creatures to inhabit the earth – a dragon!

Whatever his origins, what little knowledge remains of those long lost eons of Earth’s history are due to his desire and attempts to preserve them for future generations.

The revelation that Tolkien’s works are history not fiction is one that few people are comfortable announcing. Human scholars who have suggested it were laughed at and scorned as “nutcases.” However, just because something sounds unbelievable doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Such human scholars are actually incredibly knowledgeable about pre-history and many of them can see through the Veil. Such individuals are often approached by the Inquisition and recruited or coerced into shutting their mouths about what they know – sometimes permanently. The Inquisition does not recognize any history before that espoused in the Book of Genesis.

Such knowledge brings with it certain questions. The One Ring was reported to have been destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom. Where was Mount Doom? Even if the One Ring was destroyed, what about the other rings of power? Where are the modern day equivalents of Rivendell, Gondor, and Helm’s Deep? Why have no trace of the ruins of such ever been found? Is Gandalf the White still alive?

Among the supernatural communities sightings of Gandalf are like sightings of Elvis or Bigfoot. primeval see him everywhere. Many believe that he is still alive, but in hiding. Others scoff at such notions with the reasoning that Gandalf was old even during that time; no way could he still be alive. Regardless of the truth or fiction of it rumors of Gandalf persist in primeval communities.

A Tolkienesque View of History

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