In Plain Sight

Previously on In Plain Sight....
The Story So Far

Half-Orc street racer Dominic Payne, elven wizard Kasidian Fermerald, and biker turned Fey Knight, John Rosse were contacted by elven Mob Boss Aernis Eirquevain aka the Soul Reaver and tasked with kidnapping a human woman. He did not tell them why he wanted her, just that he wanted them to get her for him.

After stealing a car, Dominic and his two companions went to the woman’s workplace and through the interactions of Kasidian with her learned that the woman was a seer, one of the rare humans blessed (some would say cursed) with the ability to see through the Veil. When the Lojack on the vehicle they had stolen was activated, it lead the police to them. Thanks to the quick thinking of both Dominic and Kasidian, the trio managed to escape on foot.

They sought refuge in a homeless camp and made the acquaintance of a hobgoblin by the name of Dawg. Dawg was initially reluctant to help them until John appealed to his sense of faerie hospitality. He took them inside his tent emerging into his campsite in the Ever After.

The trio sat around and discussed the girl with Dawg. The hobgoblin knew of her, and while they weren’t necessarily friends, she had been kind to him and he hadn’t forgotten it. He also knew that she was a seer and hung around to keep an eye on her, believing it wouldn’t be long until she attracted attention. It was determined that the three of them would do their best to protect her, even if it meant waging war against the Soul Reaver.

Rosse was the first of the fellowship to fall by the wayside. Shortly after exiting the tent to seek aid from his biker brothers, Rosse was captured by CSPD. Kasidian and Dominic barely escaped capture themselves by bluffing their way past the police.

From there, Kasidian and Dominic travel by taxi to the mansion owned by the Soul Reaver, his uncle to recover his personal possessions. While they they have to fight off the Soul Reaver’s dread hounds, which had a serious mad on for Dominic and confront Eirquevain and Owen when they attempt to collect a few fire arms for their crusade against the mobster. The confrontation ended with Kasidian putting two bullets in his uncle’s chest and setting the house on fire.

From there, they kidnapped a security guard, stole his truck, left him tied up in an alley, and thought of leaving town. Dominic persuaded Kasidian that they should include the girl in their escape plans. Together they drove to her apartment to discover they were too late. Someone had gotten to her first. While there they heard a news report about the shoot out and the fire – the Soul Reaver lived.

Just as they were leaving they heard a ruckus inside the apartment. They entered to find a faery fighting off a cat. The Faery introduced herself as Emaedi and told them the Soul Reaver’s goons had kidnapped her friend Kassie Troy – the very woman they’d been sent to collect. She told them she was the reason the Soul Reaver wanted Kassie. The trio made plans to visit one of the Soul Reaver’s enforcers and force him to tell them where she was.

Things rapidly went to hell at the Stadium Club, a sportsbar owned by Einon Kortahl, one of the Soul Reaver’s Capos. Dominic gained two new allies – a half-elven thief, and the vampire former police officer partner of Einon. Einon was killed, but not before the Soul Reaver very much alive turned up and captured his nephew.

The new friends who’d been thrown together found themselves both on the run from the police and forces of the Soul Reaver. They had in their possession a spellbook that was desired by the Soul Reaver and was the reason Kasidian had been kidnapped. They made plans to assault the seat of the Soul Reaver’s power, a stripclub called Elphame.

To keep the book out of the hands of the Soul Reaver, they decided to hide the book in one of the public libraries. They broke into the library and concealed it inside the cover of another book that looked like it hadn’t been checked out since the mid 90’s. From there they drove to Elphame.

Inside the club the heroes battled zombies and encountered the Soul Reaver himself back by his goon Owen. He attempted to downplay his interest in the girl and his nephew agreeing to let them go if they would hand over the book. His insults to Dominic and the half-elf did not go unnoticed and Dominic called him on it. The Soul Reaver admitted that he would never stop trying to kill them even if they did give him what he wanted, revealing that he has been one step ahead of them the whole time and knows exactly where the spellbook is and will retrieve it after dispatching them.

A fierce battle erupted when the Fey Knight, John Rosse returned and attempted to kill the heroes at the behest of his true master – the Soul Reaver. Rosse was killed by the vampire, but not before revealing the location of the dungeons. The heroes barely survived the battle, and a shoot out with elven snipers, but eventually discovered the dungeons.

The first cells they found contained dread hounds and a zombie Houndmaster. After dispatching them, Connor attempted to harvest the obsidian heart of the houndmaster to destroy it, only to have it evaporate into black smoke – teleported away by the Soul Reaver. In these cells they found a crematorium used for disposing of evidence as well as the personal effects of Korvin,

While examining the effects Connor discovered that the golden leaf pins Dominic, himself, and several others had been given was how the Soul Reaver was managing to stay one step ahead of them. They had been gifts from representatives of Summer, but had been co-opted by the Soul Reaver. Dominic collected the pins except for the unblemished on possesed by Katharine and destroyed them and several other effects in the oven of the crematoria.

In the cells in the next corridor over, the heroes located the captives. Kasidian had been badly beaten and Kassie was terrified. Emaedi was with her. Their guards were two of the Soul Reaver’s dread hounds. The heroes quickly put down the dread hounds and freed the captives.

Seeking to avoid another confrontation with the Soul Reaver the heroes opt instead to flee through a tunnel into the sewers. Connor is nearly killed in a confrontation with the Soul Reaver’s pet dread spider. During the battle Katharine and Vincent are cut off from the others and face down the Soul Reaver to give the others a chance to escape. Their role in the store ends here, their fates unknown. The rest of the heroes are nearly burned alive until Emaedi activates a magic item give to her by the mysterious Gray Voyager.

Snapping the cord yanked them all into a netherspace called “The Knot”. They were introduced to the Watcher known as the Gray Voyager and allowed time to rest and recover. Connor is saved by Kassie with the assistance of the Gray Voyager who tells her she is the descendant of Kassandra of Troy and a vessel of the power of the Greek God, Apollo. Kassie possesses the shard of power given to her famous ancestor allowing her to see through the Veil and use the healing light of the sun god. Kassie is drained by healing Connor and is then taken to rest.

The heroes learn much from the Gray Voyager and her servant a girl of stone named Jenga. They have been drafted into a conflict that will decide the fates of supernaturals the world over. The spellbook being sought by the Soul Reaver contains a spell that will lift the Veil and reveal the presence of supernaturals to humankind. It is the reason Emaedi was sent to watch Kassie. It is the reason, Ivy placed her trust in Dominc. It is the reason Korvin was killed. The Veil Wardens cannot allow this ritual to take place and have tasked the Soul Reaver with preventing it at all costs.

The heroes are joined by a long time friend of the Gray Voyager, an elderly human detective and sorcerer named Harold. The heroes unanimously agree that the time for hiding is past and are seeking to finish what Korvin started. The Dawning Light is a complicated ritual and will take time to decipher, but first they must recover the spellbook before the Soul Reaver can. Kasidian offers to stay behind, both to heal and to lend his expertise.

After a meal and the sharing of information, the heroes are returned to the exact moment they left.

They travel to the library and after a battle with Colorado Springs Police Department who were both investigating the first break in and had been tipped off the heroes might return, succeed in recovering the spellbook. During the fight, Emaedi goes missing.

Kassie convinces the heroes to take her to her apartment. She wants to rescue her cat and gather a few items, remnants of the the life she was now being called to abandon. Dominc and Harold waited in the car while she went inside. Connor was perched in a tree, near the car.

Now Kassie is missing.


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